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Female Leadership Journey


Would you like to further develop your internal and external leadership skills and achieve your professional goals? Do you want to learn how not to lose yourself amidst all the different roles you currently fulfill? Are you interested in discovering your true strength, in what way you inspire others and how you can experience further success? Then our Female Leadership Journey might be interesting for you.

The journey is that special because of the combination of the encounter with the women who start their own business with a microcredit and the personal leadership training for yourself. The encounter offers you an unique opportunity to learn more about the leadership of these women during a more than one day stay in their private and work surroundings. The trip will feature a good balance between the training and a chance to experience the local culture and nature.

Your personal development

The leadership program focuses on the parts within yourself you use to store information. This means you will not only be stimulated mentally and emotionally, but will also learn to become more consciously aware of your body. You will thus gain a better understanding of who you are, what you stand for and what you want to achieve. There are several essentials to the program, such as daily yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions, as well as workshops covering topics such as leadership, being a woman and managing work-life balance. During the trip there is also room for individual coaching.

LAB for Leaders’ professional trainers/coaches will teach you how to use their Multi-Dimensional System® to be better balanced both in your professional and your private life, set goals and achieve results.

The power of an encounter

When visiting the Microcredit for Mothers project, you can see with your own eyes what a substantial part of the price of your trip is put towards. With their own company, the women included in this project provide a better future for their family. Moreover, they are role models for others around them. You will experience leadership among the poorest people and in a different culture. At the same time, you will follow the leadership program, broadening your perspective on the subject. During this journey, you will thus not only develop your own leadership skills, but also assist others on their way towards a better future.

For whom this journey is meant for?

This journey is meant for female executives, managers, staff members, entrepreneurs and other professionals. They are interested in self-development and because of their background they already have leadership knowledge  or are experienced yet. These women are ambitious and have an open mind for new thoughts, are flexible and dare to remove from their comfort zone. They have to be in a physical good condition to make the trip and do not have problems with traveling in groups.

What brings this trip?

Away from home consciously working on your personal mission and identity. Gain an insight into your ambitions, talents and qualities. Inspired by the encounter with the women in the country you visit, you learn how to use your strength to achieve better results.


The costs of the trip amount to EUR 4,500. This includes the leadership program, the trip (ticket, accommodation and food) and a contribution to Microcredit for Mothers: providing women with a microcredit and a chance to work for a better future.

A presentation for your (women) network?

Are you member of a community or is your organization looking for a program focused on leadership for women? We are looking forward to present the possibilities of Microcredit for Mothers and this leadership program.

Need further inspiration?

The next trip will be from the 24tht of January till the 3rd of February 2025 to Indonesia. Should you want to learn more about the Female Leadership Journey and if you are considering joining, then please feel free to contact Heidi Dissel (+31 6 21473900).


The Female Leadership Journey is organized in collaboration with sponsors and volunteers.

LAB for Leaders

LAB for Leaders was founded by Anita Tamming and has become an institute for Coaching and Modern Leadership. Leaders in this day and age are expected to lead naturally, from their own personal strength. LAB for Leaders helps them achieve this using the Multi-Dimensional System® to develop connections and understanding on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Namasté Travel

Namasté Travel specialises in organising tailor-made trips to Asia. Namasté Travel first sponsored the Female Leadership Journey in 2012, after which they and Microcredit for Mothers decided to continue working together and to organise more of these trips. Moreover, Namasté Travel donates part of their revenue to Microcredit for Mothers.

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